Please be prepared to present items from the following lists prior to shopping:

We serve many families and have a limited number of toys available, so we ask you to bring the following documentation to our store:

  • Legal Guardianship of each child
  • Proof of Need
  • Proof of Wake County Residency
  • Valid ID

All of the documentation we accept is listed below:

Legal Guardianship of Each Child (1 item per child)

  • Birth certificate
  • Medicaid card/letter
  • School registration
  • Legal court document

Proof of Wake County Residency (1 item)

  • Utility bill
  • Current lease

Proof of Financial Need (1 item)

  • Medicaid card/letter
  • Unemployment verification
  • Temporary financial hardship letter approved by PFP staff

Parent/Legal Guardian Valid ID (1 item)

  • Valid driver license
  • Passport
  • State issued ID